Morgan Residences - PRICE LIST

TCP: 833,056
Discount: 80,000
Net TCP: 753,056
Reservation Fee: 6,000
Net DP/Equity: 67,016
DP-Monthly in 18mos: 3,758.22
Loan Amount: 680,000

for 30yrs: 4,398.06


Why You Should Consider Morgan Residences

It’s always a treat when discover a hidden gem among all your doubts. This is the same thing for Morgan Residences and how it can benefit you and your family. With a location that’s easily accessible, your doubts about a sudden change of lifestyle will amount to nothing. You can go about with your daily obligations and have a great place to call your own. In fact, you can still reach your workplace or school without any trouble.

Of course, being near to places that provide your needs is also a big plus that this property offers you. You won’t have to languish in traffic just to buy your food and basic supplies. In fact, you can accomplish all of your errands in no time at all due to a close proximity to markets, commercial establishments, and recreational facilities. With a shortened travel time, you can accomplish more than what you’ve expected at first.

And living in Morgan Residences need not be boring too. You have a great community of people with quality amenities to help you pass the time in this village. At the same time, you’ll feel more secure knowing there are dedicated professionals who are always on stand by to protect you, your family, and your beloved home.

Working hard for a quality home is a struggle every Filipino family is facing everyday. Reward all your hard work with a property in Morgan Residences for your loved ones. It’s that one place where you can grow old with the people you want to be with.


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